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About Valentina Dragomir

Valentina is a trained psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. She practices in Bucharest and online. One of her main objectives is to help her clients find balance in life and reach their potential.

During the years she gained many skills and techniques. Despite this she continues to push herself to learn and develop herself as a professional and a person.

Certificates & Accreditations

I am a psychotherapist, trainer and coach with an experience of over 3000 hours of psychotherapy, coaching and personal development. I practice in Bucharest in the office or online via Skype.

Private Practice License for Integrative Psychotherapy

Accreditation by the Romanian Board of Psychologists

European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapist

Accreditation by the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy

Trainer and Coach

Accreditation by the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and N.A.C., recognized in the EU.


Pschotherapy helps you heal your emotional pain and regain your strength, confidence and inner balance.


Coaching can help you optimize your abilities and find the inner resources to overcome your obstacles.


The courses on PsihoSensus can help you optimize your soft skills and grow to be the best version of yourself.

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Valentina Dragomir

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