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Psychotherapy in Bucharest

We all have emotional problems at some point, difficulties in relationships or at work, which we do not know how to overcome. It can be very difficult to find yourself in this situation. You may feel lonely and overwhelmed.

If you are in this situation, I am here for you. Together we can create more clarity, balance, I can help you manage your thoughts and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Psychotherapy can help you reconnect with yourself and with the people you love

Individual psychotherapy
If you feel blocked or overwhelmed by the events in your life, you experience negative emotions or thoughts, together we can work to process these difficulties and help you regain your balance.

Couple psychotherapy
The problems that couples bring to psychotherapy are often very varied and repetitive. Couple psychotherapy helps reduce conflicts in your relationship and recreate the feeling of deep connection and intimacy.

Benefits of psychotherapy

  • Psychotherapy can help you get emotional support during a difficult time.
  • It can help you feel better, learn how to reduce certain symptoms and heal your emotional pain.
  • It can help you look from a different perspective at the issues you encouter
  • It can help you understand why you feel the way you feel or why you keep repeating some patterns that make you unhappy.
  • It can help you by teaching you new ways to deal with your emotions, behaviors, or manage difficult events that you encounter in life.
  • Psychotherapy can help you cope with mental health difficulties.
    Combined with medication it can be an effective approach to mental health disorders

About me

Hi, I’m Valentina.

I am a psychologist and integrative psychotherapist accredited by the Romanian Board of Psychologists and the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy, trainer and coach accredited in Romania and in the European Union. I own a private practice both in Bucharest and online.

One of my main goals is to help my clients find their balance in life and reach their potential.

Over the years I have gathered and practiced a wide range of skills and techniques. Despite this, I continue my efforts to learn and grow. Both as a professional and as a person.


Introductory session

If you want to know me first
  • Duration 15 min

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for adults
190 RON
  • Duration 50 min

Couples Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for your couples relationship
290 RON
  • Duration 70 min

Make appointment

Online and in-person sessions

Make an appointment by following the steps below, or call me. After you make an appointment, I will contact you for confirmation.



Frequently asked questions

Psychotherapy is both a method of treatment for mental disorders and a method that can help us find answers to the problems we have, to understand and know ourselves better, but also to help us heal our emotional pain. Psychotherapy can help us improve our quality of life and relationships.
Anyone can need psychotherapy. Often, people who need psychotherapy are people who are having difficulties and need to overcome them with the help of a mental health specialist.
You may feel that you need psychotherapy when you are going through a critical time in your life or when someone may encourage you to take this step. You need psychotherapy if there is anything, whether it is internal (thoughts, emotions, mental health disorders) or external (difficult or traumatic events) that negatively interfere with your daily life.
The problems you can talk about in psychotherapy are varied, depending on the difficulty you want to overcome. These can be personal or couples relationship problems, difficulties related to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma and traumatic events, problems related to emotions and emotional intelligence, problems related to work and burnout, anything that interferes with your ability to live a happy and balanced life.
Psychotherapy can help you heal your emotional pain, understand what are the triggers of the problems you face, how your thoughts and behaviors may contribute to the current situation, and balance thinking and managing or solving problems.
When you want to come to couple therapy it is important to know the following: If one of the partners has problems with addictions, they must be processed in individual therapy, before they come to couples sessions. Or can come to couples therapy in parallel. The same is valid if one of the partners has a mental health disorder. There must be a desire on both partners to work to improve the couples relationship.
Many studies have found that psychotherapy helps people make positive changes in their lives. According to an analysis by the American Psychological Association, psychotherapy is effective and produces long-term effects.


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