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We all have emotional problems at some point, difficulties in relationships, family or at work that we don’t know how to overcome them. It can be very hard to find yourself in this situation. You can feel lonely and overwhelmed.

If you are in this situation, know that you are not alone. I am here for you. Together we can create more clarity, confidence, balance, I can help you sort out your thoughts and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. All in a confidential therapeutic setting in my office. In my psychological practice in Bucharest I only work with adults in individual and couple or group sessions.

Valentina Dragomir, English speaking psychologist in Bucharest offers psychologycal services

Individual psychotherapy, whether it’s integrative psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or another approach, can help you if:

  • You feel stuck or overwhelmed by events in your life, negative emotions or thoughts
  • You have anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of psychological disorders
  • You lack confidence
  • Together we can work in the office to process these difficulties and integrate them to regain balance in your personal or professional life.
  • You have communication problems, personal development problems or difficulties in your relationship, and many other psychological or emotional difficulties that we can work on in the office in individual sessions.
  • You live in Romania and want to work with a psychotherapist and you are not in Bucharest but you have an internet connection
  • You are ready to make changes for the better in yourself

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The problems that bring couples to the psychologist are often very varied and repetitive. Couples psychotherapy or couples counselling helps to reduce conflict in your relationship and recreate a sense of connection and intimacy. Even if you are not from Bucharest to come to the office, we can work online via internet and you can get the psychological support you need.

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In addition to psychology, counselling or psychotherapy sessions in the office, I also work online. So, if you are an expat in Bucharest, and you want to see a psychologist, now you can also work with psychologists from the comfort of your home. The therapeutic setting is similar to in-person psychology sessions in the office. Personal development can also be achieved through online sessions. This is a type of adult psychological service that helps us to bring the psychological help and support we need into our personal lives.

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No matter how much success or happiness we have, there is always something we can do to grow and develop in a particular area of life. We can learn new things, improve our relationships or do something for our health. There is no limit to what we can choose for our growth and how far we can go because we have great potential within us.

Schedule a personal development session.

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Benefits of psychotherapy

Research shows that people who go to therapy generally feel better and live longer.

  • Psychotherapy can help you get psychological, emotional support during a difficult time in your life.
  • It can help you feel better, learn how to reduce certain symptoms (panic, anxiety, stress and symptoms of other mental disorders), heal certain emotional pains, gain self-confidence
  • It can help you look at the problems you face in many areas of your life, relationships, family, work, from a different perspective.
  • It can help you to understand why you feel the way you feel or why you do certain things that you repeat throughout your life and that bring you dissatisfaction both in relationships and in your family, at work.
  • It can help you by learning new ways to cope with your own overwhelming negative emotions, behaviours or difficult events that you face
  • Psychotherapy can help you cope with mental health difficulties.
  • Combined with medication it can be an effective approach to some mental health disorders.
  • Improving symptoms of mental health disorders.
  • Improving mood and quality of life.
  • Increasing the ability to cope with stress.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Reduce the risk of developing physical illnesses associated with stress.

Psychologist Valentina Dragomir

Hi, I’m Valentina. Let me tell you a few words about myself.

I am an integrative psychologist and psychotherapist, accredited member of the Romanian Board of Psychologists (code 17105) and of the European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy, trainer and counsellor for personal development accredited in Romania and in the European Union. I offer psychological services and individual psychological counselling both in Bucharest and online. At the office I work individual psychology sessions with adults and couples, I also work in groups and organize group therapy in Bucharest and online.

I love my work in the office and I think of myself as a dedicated psychologist. One of my main goals is to help my clients through my knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy and my experience, to find balance in life and to reach their potential through personal development.

Over the years I have gathered and practiced a wide range of psychological practice skills and techniques from my continued study in psychology. Despite this, I continue my efforts to keep learning and growing both as a psychologist and psychotherapist and as a person.

Read more about me and my training as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

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RON 50
  • Approx. 15 min​

Individual Therapy

RON 230
  • Duration 50 min​

Couples Therapy

RON 300
  • Duration de 70 min​

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Frequently asked questions

Psychotherapy is both a treatment method for mental disorders and a way to find answers to problems we have, to understand and get to know ourselves better, and to help us heal emotional pain or change aspects of ourselves. Psychotherapy can be a framework through which we can improve our quality of life and relationships.

You may feel that you need psychotherapy when you are going through a critical time in your life or when someone may be encouraging you to take this step, perhaps even when you have done everything you thought you should but have not had the desired results. You need to see a psychologist if there is something, whether internal (thoughts, emotions, mental health disorders) or external (hard events or trauma) that is interfering negatively with your daily life.

The issues you can talk about in psychotherapy are very varied, depending on the difficulty you want to overcome. It can be personal or relationship problems, difficulties related to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma and traumatic events, problems related to emotions and emotional intelligence, work-related problems and burnout, anything that interferes with your ability to live a happy and balanced life.

Psychotherapy (of any kind, cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, gestalt and others) can help you heal some distress, understand what triggers the problems you are facing, how thoughts and behaviours contribute to the current situation, balance your thinking and get tools to manage or solve problems.

When you want to come to couples therapy it is important to know a few important things. If there are addiction-related problems in one of the partners, these need to be dealt with in individual therapy, and you can come to couples therapy in parallel. The same applies if one partner has a mental health problem. Both partners must want to work through the problems in the couple with their own emotions, otherwise progress can be hindered.

Hundreds of studies have found that psychotherapy helps people make positive changes in their lives. Psychotherapy also supports you on your personal development journey. Psychotherapy is effective and produces long-term effects. People who seek psychological services feel the benefits of working therapeutically with a psychologist.

If you are not from Bucharest, but you are still an expat living in Romania, you can make an appointment for psychology / psychotherapy sessions online. All you have to do is ask for help.

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