Correction Policy

Correction Policy

At PsihoSensus Therapy we continually strive to provide you with useful, accurate and precise information related to therapy services, mental health issues, personal development and self-discovery. Our commitment to transparency and credibility is core to us, and we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards in everything we write on our website.

However, despite our best efforts, occasionally errors or inaccuracies may occur. In such cases, we have established a comprehensive policy of corrections and revisions to promptly rectify any errors.

Reporting Corrections

We encourage our users, readers and customers to report any errors or inaccuracies found on the site. If you believe you have identified a correction that needs to be made, please contact us via our dedicated email address: [email protected]. Please provide a clear description of the problem and include the URL of the page in question and a screenshot. This information will help us find the error quickly and fix it.

Verification Process

Once we receive a correction request, our editorial team will investigate the issue in detail. We will check the accuracy of the information and assess the need for correction. This process may involve consulting with subject matter experts, reviewing primary sources and assessing the context of the content in question.

Prompt Corrections

If our team confirms the presence of an error, we are committed to making corrections quickly. Corrected information will be updated on the flagged page, and an editor’s note at the bottom of the article will be added to reflect the correction.


When an error is corrected, we will clearly communicate the nature of the correction and the reason behind it. This information will be included in an editor’s note at the end of the article or in the dedicated corrections section of our website.

Continuous Learning

We view corrections as valuable opportunities for growth and improvement. We will analyze the causes of errors and use this feedback to improve our editorial processes and maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

User Feedback

We value user feedback as an essential part of our commitment to quality. If you have suggestions, comments or concerns about our articles, please contact us at [email protected]. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve the experience for all users who visit our site.

User Notification

Users who have reported the correction will be notified once it is verified and implemented. Also, the correction history will be available for viewing at the bottom of each corrected article.

By implementing this corrections policy, we aim to maintain the trust of our readers. Thank you for being part of the PsihoSensus Therapy community, and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the accuracy and information available on our website.

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