Psychological services available in person and online

I can help you with a wide range of psychological services such as psychotherapy, online psychotherapy, personal development, psychological consultation and counselling, personal development counselling and online courses.

I am trained in integrative psychotherapy, a type of psychotherapy that combines several types of psychotherapy approaches into its own framework, and which I welcome you to learn more about.

You can make an appointment both online through the scheduler you’ll find below, and by phone. You can check the prices for psychological services here.


Psychotherapy is a method of intervention that facilitates the client's well-being and increases quality of life.

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Online Psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy facilitates specialized interventions from a distance, regardless of geographical location.

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Personal Development

Personal development helps you to know who you really are and to develop your skills, your self-confidence.

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Psychological Consultation

Through the consultation I assess the presence or absence of a disorder. It involves testing and recommendations.

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Online Courses (Ro)

Personal development courses online. Grow in your own rhythm at PsihoSensus Academy.

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Personal development counselling / Coaching

Life Coaching is dedicated to performance, maximizing potential, skills and achieving goals.

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Make an appointment using the online scheduler or call me. After making your appointment, I will contact you for confirmation.

All available hours are for Romania time (GMT+2).



Psychotherapy is a healing process in which the patient and the psychotherapist work together to facilitate the patient’s well-being and increase the quality of life. The client and psychotherapist agree on the goals, duration and frequency of therapy sessions, depending on your needs. It is good to know that I only work with adults over 18 years of age.

A session lasts 50 minutes and costs 190 lei. The frequency of sessions is usually one psychotherapy session per week. The frequency of psychotherapy sessions can be adjusted according to your needs. The number of sessions is not fixed, but depends on several factors such as the severity of the problem or mental disorder, your goals and your resources.

Psychotherapy is suitable for people who have various mental health problems, as well as other emotional difficulties, difficulties at work or in a relationship, and those who want to make changes for the better in their lives.

Psychotherapy is of several types:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Couple psychotherapy
  • Family and child psychotherapy
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Online Psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that allows psychological interventions at a distance. Online psychotherapy is suitable for many situations where it is not possible to visit a psychologist’s office.

It is most suitable for adults who are unable to get to the office in person for various reasons. It is also most suitable during global crises when human contact is limited by health restrictions. Since the beginning of my career as a psychotherapist, I have worked online with thousands of Romanians living abroad who have benefited from online support.

For online sessions you will need to use a video-conferencing platform, you will also need a quiet place where you can communicate openly and without fear. The conditions of confidentiality apply as well to psychotherapy sessions in the office.

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Personal development

In my experience, personal development is the process that helps you improve something about yourself. It helps you get to know yourself better, improve certain skill sets or learn new skills. This process helps you grow and fulfill your personal development goals.

Personal development is accessible in many ways:

  • You can start an individual personal development program with sessions specifically planned for your goals;
  • You can start an individual personal development programme online if it is more suitable for you;
  • You can do personal development through online courses, and to accommodate you we have created a personal development platform with online courses.
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Psychological consultation

Psychological consultation is a session (usually initial) where we talk about the problem affecting you to plan the best intervention or treatment plan. The consultation can take place either in-office or online.

The psychological consultation aims to identify your mental health condition through psycho-diagnosis and propose an appropriate treatment plan. It also involves guiding towards a particular type of intervention to restore health at this level: psychotherapy or drug treatment, or both in parallel.

During the consultation they may use different testing methods or clinical interview, psychological assessment tools approved by the Romanian College of Psychologists.

Online courses (Ro)

Personal development is also accessible through online courses on PsihoSensus Academy, your personal development platform. If you are a PsihoSensus Academy member you have access to personal development courses.

The courses are specifically designed with your needs in mind. Thus they will guide you to reach your goals and grow, develop your skills, and learn new ones that are useful to you. I use my experience of over 7 years as a psychotherapist in practice and from working with personal development groups I have run over the years to create the best online courses.

Self-development counseling

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Coaching is a complex process that involves a client’s developmental journey based on their goals and needs. Coaching has a very wide applicability and can cover different areas such as: career, business and executive, relationships, health, well-being, financial, life, couple, sports, vocal.

What I practice is called personal development counselling (coaching) and covers a wide area of intervention: personal development, soft skills development, managing resources such as time or money, practical steps to overcome obstacles, helping the client to make positive changes, support in times of confusion or change, support in overcoming obstacles to goals.

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Make an appointment using the online scheduler or call me. After making your appointment, I will contact you for confirmation.

All available hours are for Romania time (GMT+2).

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